Pope John Paul 11 Awards

Congratulations to 51 students from the secondary schools in the Killala Diocese including Our Lady’s , Belmullet; Gortnor Abbey, Crossmolina, Gaelcholáiste Chomáin , Ros Dumhach; ; St Patrick’s, Lacken Cross, St Tiernan’s , Crossmolina and St Mary’s, Ballina who received the Pope John Paul 11 Award from Bishop John Fleming in St Muredach’s Cathedral.

The Pope John Paul II Award enables participants to take an active part in the life of their Church – in the life of their community and society. It also enables young people become more aware of the teaching and role of the Catholic Church in the world and to engage  at a deep level with Christ. The Award was created to commemorate the late Pope Saint John Paul II who was so committed to young people and who had such belief and confidence in them. Special  thanks to their teachers, families and all involved.

JPII Knock

40 Hours 201740 hours 2 2017—————————————————


Well done to all those who took part in the 40 Hours Eucharistic Adoration Lent offering in the parish.
Picture shows some of those who attended.

Vocations Initiative

The photo L to R:  Julia Rowland, President of SJYPS, Bridie Herbert, Brid Ni Sheighin, Principal  of Scoil Naisiunta, Ceathru Thaidhg and Fr Joseph Hogan , Chaplain to SJYPS. Killala Diocese.SJYPSSaint Joseph’s Young Priests Society branch in the Killala Diocese have initiated a ‘prayer outreach for vocation ‘ initiative which began last September in Kilcommon Erris parish and which will continue throughout the parish.We invited individuals, families and schools to host a specially commissioned chalice from the parish into their homes for a week. They also undertake to commit to pray for vocations each day, either by reciting the SJ Y P S prayer for vocations, rosary etc. We provide a Chalice, Corporal cloth , Purificator, prayer cards and literature about SJ Y P S and also copies of YOUCAT ( Youth Catechism of the Catholic Church ) which explains what we as Catholics believe and how we pray and celebrate the sacraments.

We have had a good response already with families signed up to take the chalice for a week at a time, right up to the end of July. As word spreads more and more people want to take the chalice and pray for  vocations and we add their name to the list. Families receive the chalice  when it is collected in the sacristy after mass and it is then passed directly on to the home of another family. Some have offered financial support also but this is not the main purpose of the initiative. Those who take the chalice are encouraged to continue to pray for vocations and are invited to come to any meeting of SJ Y P S if they wish. Attached is a photo of what the presentation looks like it promotes prayers for vocations and builds awareness around vocations for priesthood and religious life. It also builds unity in the parish, and creates an opportunity for the priest to get to know the parishioners. At the end of the year, Father Joe will offer mass for the intentions of those who hosted the chalice during the past year. We also hope to have the chalice in some of the schools of the parish. There are six schools in this parish.

Kilcommon Erris – Restoration & Redecorating.

There are five churches in Kilcommon Erris parish and having such beautiful churches is a great pride to the local parishioners though each church area has a relatively small congregation.

The great pride brings with it the obligation that apart from the normal maintenance and upkeep of any church we take special interest and care in the restoration and redecorating which is always a continuing but worthwhile struggle.

Glad to report that in the last year with the help of local parishioners, the volunteers and painters, we are pleased to say that great progress has been made on redecorating several of these churches


The photo shows recent new floor covering at the parish church of Christ the King at Aughoose. The interior of the church was completely repainted by local volunteers and we thank them sincerely for such great work.



Please see below the audioboom link to the three and a half minute interview between Archbishop Eamon Martin and RTÉ reporter Sandra Hurley concerning the protection of unborn life and the finding of the UN Committee.



Our Corpus Christi Procession
Corpus Christi Procession

Procession Sunday

Congratulations and best wishes to Sinead Garvin, Portacloy on receiving the John Paul 11 Award Certificate and medal for her participation in the parish and community of Kilcommon Erris.

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LENT  2016
An Offering of 40 hours Eucharistic Adoration in Our Lady, Star of the Sea church, Cornboy.
Well done to all those that came to spend time with the Lord.



This a new catholic radio station launched earlier this year and is part of the global Radio Maria Network of 75 stations  broadcasting excellent Catholic programs 24/7. You can tune in on either cable, satellite or on the Internet. There are great programs and it’s helping the church in its mission to save souls.


The joy of bringing the ‘Good News’ of Christ to others must first of all begin with those who are close to us. It should not stop there however, but must proceed beyond the sphere of our normal life. That purpose can be facilitated within the Legion of Mary with the movement known as Peregrinatio Pro Christo  (PPC). Members of the Legion of Mary go on PPC when they take the time and means to share their faith in God with others, especially in a different country.


One of the many PPC projects undertaken by Legion members in Ireland and especially by those in the Killala diocese was the recent trip to Saint Patrick’s parish, Soho in London. Organised by the Legion HQ in Dublin for a team of eight members, four men and four women who undertook a week’s work of engaging with people in the centre of London, visiting apartments and talking to people on the street,  those that worked in London and asking them to consider the Catholic Church as the vehicle of bringing them the best understanding of God’s plan for Legion of Mary Soho Londonmankind’s salvation, the Catholic Church been the only church that Our Lord Jesus Christ founded on Earth.

Fr Joe Hogan, Kilcommon Erris parish who was the spiritual leader of the group for the week said
‘It was a great challenge, but was also a gPPC TEAMreat experience, we politely introduced ourselves and asked each person we met where they were at in life and their relation to God in their life, was God important to them ?. Did they believe in God.
We spoke to them about the Sacrifice of the Mass, the Real Presence of Jesus in Holy Communion, Our Blessed Lady as Spiritual Mother of all mankind, the Sacraments, Confession and Baptism.

It was a wonderful opportunity to respond to Christ’s command to preach the gospel to every creature. Soho is at the very heart of London’s music and club scene with so many restaurants and hotels, a high concentration of gay and lesbian clubs and pubs. We visited apartments and flats, contacted  people in the street from 9.30 in the morning till late in the evening. Soho, sadly is known worldwide for its Red Light district, there were brothels, sex shops, houses of pornography and abortion clinics and drugs. We made contact with so many people, there were so many different nationalities, people on holidays, especially young people that loved to debate and are open to a better understanding of their God. So many people were delighted to meet with us especially the homeless and speak in a very personal way to us. It was a challenge to the soul within the person to come closer and give praise to God and share the goodness of the love of God within themselves and for others.
We gave out leaflets and medals about Our Lady, Mary the Blessed Virgin Mother of Jesus. Leaflets about Saint Catherine Labouré and the miraculous medal and leaflets about Saint Patrick’s Catholic Church which also provides meals for the homeless.
Thank you to the young members of the Legion of Mary, Our Lady help of Christians, St Patrick’s parish, Soho.

We wish to thank also the parish priest of that church Father Alexander Sherbrooke for his invitation through the Legion of Mary in Dublin and for his hospitality and his Legion of Mary Team. It’s a beautiful church Saint Patrick’s in Soho Square with Eucharistic Adoration, but especially we wish to thank all those that prayed for us and made this visit such a success, especially the prayers by the Legion of Mary members throughout the world who pray each day for PPC visitation.

I would recommend the Legion of Mary Presidium for every parish in Ireland.
Join the Legion!

 Kilcommon Erris Parish    Youth Readers.
parish-clipart-altar-server-clip-artWould you like to become a youth reader in the parish to read at Sunday Mass? Please contact Fr Joe or the parish office. Training will be provided.
Altar Servers.
At this time each we welcome new altar servers for Sunday Mass. Children in 3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th classes in school please apply. Training will be provided. Please contact Fr Joe or the contact parish office..
 Flower Volunteers.Would you like to volunteer to arrange the flowers in the church?  Please contact Fr Joe or the parish office.

Prayer for Vocations

Loving Father, send forth the power of your Holy Spirit upon those in our diocese who you are calling to be priests. Grant them all the graces they need, particularly the graces of clarity, simplicity of heart and a deep personal relationship with Jesus, with a strong trust that will enable them to respond generously to your call. Grant them the gift of wisdom, that they may recognise your plan for them and grant them the courage to follow it with all their hearts. We ask this through the intercession of Mary our Mother, St. Joseph, St. Muredach, patron of our Diocese and St. John Vianney, patron of priests and in the Holy Name of Jesus. Amen.

NOTIFICATION OF SICKNESS Please inform the priest or parish office if a family member in this parish is sick and would like a visit from the priest.  Thank you.

KEEPING CHILDREN SAFE The Diocese of Killala is fully committed to keeping children safe. If you have any concerns around their safety in any circumstance please contact your local Safeguarding Representative (details on the Church Notice Board) or the diocesan confidential number: 087-1003554